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‘Paca Beans Bling

The most unique Bling in the World
$5.00 (25%)
Let us introduce you to a unique line of jewelry based upon what we, at Belvoir Mines Alpacas, call Beans. Our beans are gathered, dried in the sun and sorted for quality in regards to uniform size, and shape. Only the best Beans are used in our products. Once sorted they are ready to be processed. The Beans are drilled with a hole to accommodate the various stringing materials used to make our bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pendants and lanyards.
Once drilled we completely coat them in Polyurethane to seal them from moisture. Some may be painted first with water based acrylic paints for our customers personal orders. Painted Beans are also coated in Polyurethane. Beans are a totally inert from the time expressed from the Alpaca. There is no odor or presence of any toxins.
Our design team incorporates a variety of materials to make each item totally unique. Beads made from plastic, glass, or natural stone, as well as spacers of different types are incorporated into the final designs. While similar arrangements of materials are a part of our basic designs, no one item is identical to another. You can be assured the piece you acquire is one-of-a-kind.
Everything we make can be custom ordered, adding color patterns, alphabet tiles with names, initials, mascots, etc., incorporated into the design. Check the examples in our catalog.
Whether it is one of our ready made items or something you design, we look forward to providing you with a piece of jewelry that will stand out; unlike anything else you can imagine.

We offer elastic bracelets, with or without matching earrings, Custom items such as necklaces, chokers, lanyards and pendants can be order to your specifications. We can personalize items with alphabet letters and other symbols. See photos for examples.
Photos only represent a portion of the inventory we have. Inquiries welcome.