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Boarding/Agisting Services

$4/day per animal. This price includes daily feed, pellets, vitamins and herd health (annual vitamins and basic parasite control). Emergency vet services, shearing, birth/delivery and medications are additional.

Call to Order: 916-390-5802
Boarding/Agisting allows you to own 1 or more alpacas even if you don't have the property to keep them. This also allows you to own just one alpaca whereas if you have them on your property, we recommend that you have a minimum of 3 to make a herd so they can protect themselves.
Boarding also allows you to own the animal(s) while I mentor you so you can properly and successfully care for them on your own (when you are ready)

Terms Of Service
While boarding/agisting your alpaca(s) with us, you are welcome to come out and visit and learn how to care for your alpaca.

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